Holly Hurd is the founder of VentureMom.com, a blog and platform devoted to sharing the stories of women who have their own businesses in order to inspire others to do the same. Holly has interviewed hundreds of women, making her uniquely qualified to speak on blogging and the small business start-up. Holly helps women thrive as a business strategist and blog coach. VentureMom also sells the products and services of the women profiled on the site.

In her book, "VentureMom: From Idea to Income in Just 12 Weeks," Holly gives founders a step by step guide to creating their own income. When she was only twenty-five, Hurd, known then as Holliston Hill, was featured across multiple media outlets for being one of the youngest women to manage her own hedge fund. She has created VentureMom to guide women towards economic freedom.  

 Holly  Hurd