Their journey to opening of Back to Back Chiropractic at 3637 Avenue of the Cities was anything but a cakewalk.  There were difficulties and delays along the way, and some days it felt like tomorrow would never come.  But it did, and now Dr. Pamela and Dr. Patricia are wearing the smiles that come with success as they approach their second anniversary in business.

Early in 2003, our SCORE newsletter chronicled some of the problems Pamela and Patricia were having – everything from obtaining loan approval to delays in renovating the office space.  SCORE counselors Kenneth Pinto and Tom DeSalvo played significant roles in helping the determined twins overcome their most difficult obstacles.  At that time, Pamela said, “I’ve never given up on anything in my life, are we’re not about to give up now.”

Now, that dogged determination and the will to succeed are beginning to pay dividends.  “We are extremely please with the way things are going,” says Pamela.  “It is definitely a lot better than we expected.”

Pamela says that most satisfaction has come from seeing the results with their patients, and the referrals that follow.  While they have what can be termed “normal” office hours, the hours can vary and are tailored to meet the schedules of their patients.  Sometimes the doctors are in the office until 7 or 8 at night, and they have put in extra time on weekends to meet the needs of those they serve.

“At Back to Back Chiropractic, people are more than just our patients,” said Patricia.  “They are our friends as well, and we take an active interest in their total well being.  We spend time with them, and they are never rushed in and out.”  With this dedication to meet the needs of patients on a professional and personal level, it is easy to understand why referrals to Back to Back Chiropractic are increasing steadily.

In addition to “word-of-mouth” advertising, the doctors Miller also have run some radio spots and advertised in local newspapers.  Pamela and Patricia wear all the hats, including handling of routine office duties and billing.

Drs. Pamela and Patricia Miller are quick to give SCORE credit for helping make their dreams come true.  “The time SCORE gives to people is so generous,”, say Patricia.  “We tell everybody that without SCORE we would not be open.”

How SCORE helped. 

In the late spring of 2003, Pamela and Patricia Miller were filled with excitement as they prepared to open the door to their new chiropractic business in Moline. For years these energetic young ladies have been as close as twin sisters can be, graduating from St. Ambrose University with bachelor’s dress in psychology and sociology and later with degrees from Palmer College of Chiropractic.

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