The metal parts manufacturing company has Caterpillar Corporation and John Deere as its primary customs.  Other major customers are producers in the automotive, recreation, refrigeration, and railroad industries.  By providing high quality parts, Evans Manufacturing has been able to increase all aspects of its business in the past year, leading to adding a third shift and raising employment from 32 people to 46 people.

While increasing business, Stephanie has kept her eye on making the company a good place to work and is proud of the fact that all employees who were at Evans at least a year before she took over are still there.  She credits veteran employees with helping to implement the changes that have assisted in making Evans Manufacturing a profitable firm.  As any good leader, Stephanie is not satisfied with the status quo and has developed a list of objectives for the coming year in the areas of quality, performance, delivery, profitability and improving the customer base.  One of the key objectives is to diversify the customer base so that the company has a broader foundation to carry it through hard times in any particular industry.

Stephanie first came to SCORE when she was looking for a business to purchase and was provide advise on contacting commercial banks who knew what businesses were for sale.  And that was exactly how she found Evans Manufacturing.  More importantly, Stephanie said at SCORE she met people who were supportive of her ideas or provided alternatives if they thought her ideas were not going to work.

Stephanie said she had a very good experience with SCORE and appreciated the good mentoring and support she received.  And now she feels confident in moving forward to face tomorrow’s challenges.

How SCORE helped. 

Increasing business by over 30 per cent in one year is not easy but it is exactly what Stephanie Acri has done in her first year as owner and president of Evans Manufacturing Co. in Milan, IL.  Since buying the company in October 2004 from the previous owners who retired, Stephanie has made many changes at the company and has more in store for the coming year

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