Nischelle Reagan’s career in the music industry began in 2008, working as a publishing manager and catalog administrator for a music label. “I loved the challenge and dove into understanding every detail.” She managed not only a constantly expanding catalog of songs, songwriters, and albums; she also managed travel and touring for the company’s clients. 

“My love for authenticity and accuracy in music-business administration grew through being intimately acquainted with the struggle creatives face in the world of music industry,” Reagan says. In 2015, she created a business of her own: Music Admin, through which she serves as an advocate for music artists by managing the administration of their songs. 

“Starting my own business has been dream of mine for a long time,” Reagan admits. “I have seen the need and I have also seen the big picture as well. What has been difficult for me, however, is knowing where to start.”

My successes. 

“My mentor was essential in helping me fine-tune my company’s mission and vision,” Reagan says. “He gave me the tools to help me identify the benefits of my business for the singer/songwriter community, and also to give language to the services that I would provide.” 

Once her strategy was set, Reagan was able to set up a website and officially launch her business with confidence.

How SCORE helped. 

When a friend heard about Reagan’s business idea, she recommended getting in touch with SCORE. She teamed up with Henry Lopez, whom she initially met about three times each month to review her business plan and launch strategy. “The expertise offered to me and my company has been priceless,” she says. 

Music Admin